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Utdrag av blandinger fra Herbs of the World - USA

Vi får ikke lagt ut alt på nettet, men finner du ikke noe i katalogen, ta kontakt for veiledning. Loryhl har over 300 urteblandinger i sitt katotek.

Utvalg av over 300 blandinger

Liver Up EQ3 Horse Liver Detox for Optimal Energy

Easy Breathe EQ18 Herbal Mix for Horses with Respiratory Problems

Poise EQ74 Optimal Blend for Balancing Equine Energy, Nervous System & Equilibrium

Free Flowin’ EQ34 Herbal Equine Joint & Muscle Mix

Garlic n’ Roses with Seaweed EQ27 Gently Promotes Overall Horse Health

Garlic n’ Roses with Astragalus & Schizandra Berries EQ24 Immune Booster for Chronic Pain & Inflammation

Warm Sally EQ52 Hormonal Balance for Horses

Herbs of the World Bleeder Program Line:

Essence of Peace EQ21 Calming Blend for Performance Horses

Best Foot Forward EQ43 Horse Hoof

Treatment Eye to Eye EQ22 for Equine Eye

Health Easy Breathe EQ18 Support for Horses with Respiratory Problems








We are a Natural Farm Store located in Salmon, Idaho, USA. Our founder, Loryhl Davis, has formulated over 300 herbal mixtures for sporting and show horses, since 1995! We carry only premium quality organic herbs and products that have been grown with low to no pesticides and package them in recyclable, biodegradable and compostable packaging.

Our boss & founder, Loryhl Davis is one of the worlds’ foremost experts on the subject of formulating effective, natural products for equines. Loryhl's impressive background includes training with the Dominion Herbal College (North America’s oldest school of herbal medicine since 1926), in the early 1980’s, attending lectures and seminars by Dr. John R. Christopher and undertaking a two year apprenticeship on the practical use of traditional herbs and alternative therapies with Human Herbalist, Doris Joiner. Herbs for Horses: Horses running and participating in sport enjoy optimal health. Herbs of the World has worked with owners at venues that include: • The Dubai World Cup; • the Triple Crown; • the Little Brown Jug Harness Race, Delaware, OH, USA; and • Pro Rodeo, Harness, Equestrian, Dressage & Track Events.